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Hi my name is Jessica and I am a Graphic Designer who is based in Glasgow. I like to spend my free time watching films which I have found inspires my work and often encourages me to try new techniques and learn new skills. I am passionate in my craft and enjoy experimenting with new techniques in order to create the best possible design. 


I originally wanted to be an illustrator but after spending a year at a National Certificate course, I decided that I enjoyed Graphic Design a lot better as a discipline and felt as though I would fair a lot better in this field. I have spent the past 3 years studying this subject and as a result I am competent at Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign as well as their Affinity equivalents.  

When I created these pieces of artwork my main influences came from Tarot cards mostly and some from the earlier days of graphic novel artwork. The main figures came from the Gods of Dawn from Greek (Eos) and Norse mythology (Dellingr). I took 2 of the 78 tarot cards that there are in existence that I felt best represented the Dawn, ‘The Star’ and ‘The Sun’ as in between the two of them is the dawn. To begin with the concept was mostly to do with the two gods of Dawn alone however after a bit of thought I made the decision to expand it to make it a little bit more obvious as to what it was.


In regards to colour I chose a distinctly different set of colours for both posters as one takes place during the day and the other at night. I also chose colours that were bright and related to the respected mythos of the two characters, the colour of the rest of the work was related to the specific backgrounds, bright and blue for the sun and dark and navy for the star. The Star piece was quite interesting as I chose to include part of the constellation of Orion in the background. I gound that the work I did for Dellingr easier overall as I had a reference for him. I was influenced by the art of Dragon Age Inquisition (who employ a varied range of artists), in particular on of their artists named Casper Konefal who worked on some of the tarot cards used in the game and made the artwork for some of the books.  Overall I think he is the artist who helped me the most in order to come up with my final pieces.

Artists Statement

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